Automatic Rollover
Car Wash Machines

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Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine Range

MNEX Link-it Brush System

The first brush fitting system without limits for wash machines.

ISTOBAL has obtained the official patent for the new link-it, system, which guarantees that it is the first and only brush fitting system on the market to combine a series of features unheard of before, and which mean unprecedented advantages for our customers. Advantages such as flexibility, profitability, durability, versatility, and respect for the environment.

The support sections of the link-it, brush fitting system can be reused as many times as needed; you need only change and dispose of the worn brush wash materials. In fact, the life cycle of the support is superior to that of the vehicle wash machine itself.

Multiple combinations of wash materials
Maximum profit
50% less waste material when the brushes
are changed.
Quick, easy and economical maintenance
Maximum respect for the environment
Maximum versatility in colours and space saving combinations.