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Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine Range



The new M’NEX 22 rollover designed by ISTOBAL will exceed all your expectations. The elegant, modular design of this new series sets a new trend. The most brilliant generation has arrived. Read more >>



This new generation of rollovers stands out in so many ways: looks, mechanics, flexibility, and versatility. It has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world. Read more >>


About our Range

At Go Wash we believe our new range of Commercial Auto Washing Equipment will exceed all your expectations.

From the elegant, modular designs of our Rollover and Tunnel Car Washes, along with all the latest and greatest in features now available in our Jetwash series sets a new trend. The most brilliant generation has arrived.

Creating new expectations within the car washing industry and designed by ISTOBAL the automatic rollover car washes pushing a new standard in car washing performance. Matched only by its brilliant looks, mechanics, flexibility and versatility, this new standard of efficiency leading the commercial car wash machine world is identified by its modular modern design, technical evolution and unquestionable results, stamping its place in the global automatic car wash industry.

With its stylish modern design, which combines the latest technology and maximum reliability in the wash.